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ZymeFlow Decon Technology

ZymeFlow® Decon Technology is the global leader for process unit decontamination. Top refineries and petrochemical facilities trust in ZymeFlow Decon for the planning, chemistry, and service experience to perform the safest and fastest entry into process equipment during a turnaround or emergency outage. The patented ZymeFlow process simultaneously eliminates benzene, LEL’s, pyrophoric iron sulfides, and hydrogen sulfide dramatically reducing the time spent to prepare vessels for entry and hot work. Furthermore, the process is safe for people, equipment, and wastewater plants.

ZymeFlow Decon boasts a dynamic range of chemistries with detailed planning and technical support. With 25 years of experience in refining and petrochemical applications, the ZymeFlow brand of decontamination chemistries and services has become the global leader for fast and safe vessel entry.

Innospec has rapidly become the largest dedicated fuel treatment company in the world. The focus of our Fuel Specialties business is to develop and market additives for all different types of fuel.
Our specialist understanding can improve fuel efficiency, boost engine performance and reduce harmful emissions across a wide range of industries.

With a focus on industry partnership and product quality, expertise in research and development, application development, dosing systems and additive distribution, our customers can expect excellent fuel oil treatments as well as unrivalled technical support and service commitment. Technical sales activities on site are supported by comprehensive laboratory facilities in Europe and overseas. These facilities provide a full range of fuel oil testing capabilities. In addition, constant product development ensures we can provide tailored solutions to our customers’ specifications.
By focussing on innovation, we have generated an exciting portfolio of new fuel treatments to meet changing needs around the world.

As a company, Innospec operates on a worldwide scale. This provides our business operations with the type of global reach few can match. Customers benefit from a fully integrated supply chain and an international network of sales offices.

Excellence in Refining Technology and Leading in research and development

Sulzer Chemtech is the process engineering division of the international Sulzer Corporation with headquarters in Winterthur, Switzerland. Activities include equipment and (application) know-how in separation and mixing technology. Products include structured packing and trays for separation columns, fractional crystallization systems, equipment for mixing and reaction processes and catalyst supports.

With proven design procedures and innovative engineering solutions, Sulzer Chemtech can meet the refinery`s objectives. Sulzer Chemtech has the personnel, experience and engineering capability to model and analyze mass and heat transfer problems in distillation, absorption, extraction, mixing and reaction and fractional crystallization. Apart from pilot tests, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for optimizing and fine tuning of the geometry is used for the development of new products.