• This year The CEE & Turkey Refining & Petrochemicals Summit will be co-located with the CIS Downstream Summit!


12:30 - 14:00

Delegates will be broken into two groups and rotate between the two roundtables after 40 minutes
1) Roundtable 1: Common issues and lessons learned when preparing for vessel entry during a turnaround

Discussion points to include;

  •  De-inventory process
  • Preparation; blinding, connections, etc.
  • Making vessel entry
    o Steam / nitrogen use
    o Flaring
    o Problem units
    o Environmental / neighborhood concerns
    o Chemical cleaning / decontamination

Led by:
Salik Tauqir, Technology Engineer, ZymeFlow Decon
2) Roundtable 2: Operational Excellence

Downstream companies are facing many challenges – volatility of the oil price, resource constraints, high shareholder/stakeholder expectations, technology evolving faster than capabilities, etc. The solution, in part, for each of these challenges lies in the adoption of a more versatile operating model, one that can be achieved by implementing aspects of Operational Excellence. And yet, despite all of the potential for Operational Excellence to help companies become more agile and profitable, few are able to execute an Operational Excellence programme effectively. This panel will discuss the strategic value of operational excellence, and how leaders can shape their organizations to deliver continuous and consistent return on investment of operational improvements.

Led by:
Nathan Turner, Managing Director – Turkey, DuPont Sustainable Solutions


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